Often we get asked by our customers how did you get into the aquarium industry and We like to think it stumbled upon us!!


Back in early 2013, Luke & Jenna Mahoney said their last good byes to a large pet chain store they had moved down to Victoria to Open and manage.


After a couple of years of building up a successful fish department they realised that they needed to provide a better service to their customers, and to do this they needed to go at it as an independent and provide their customers with a speciality aquarium store.


Luke, Jenna and Georgia would travel all over Melbourne on their days off as a family visiting aquarium and pet shops as avid hobbyists, looking for rare or larger fish for their home aquarium's, often they had to travel to the other side of the city to see anything other than stock standard fish.


Our Customer base in Melbourne had grown once we left the chain store and focused on breeding harder to find cichlids and rarer fish, soon we were in demand for maintenance and and dry stock. Something you cant get unless you have a shop.


By Mid 2013 Jenna & Luke had purchased more bays, equipment and shelving, Leased a factory, secured suppliers and we're almost ready to roll.... they just needed a name.


Not being able to settle on names they were coming up with, a friend suggested to ask Georgia, their 2 year old what they should name the new Aquarium Shop.


Her first idea for a name came quickly as she pointed to a Big Fish and said the words


"Big Bish"


"Big Fish" was born there and then.


Over the last 4 years, Big Fish Aquarium has grown and grown . With more fish bays, more displays filled with exotic fish, an ever growing hand selected variety of products, more in home tank maintenance call outs and a team of trusted, friendly fish keepers,


Big Fish got "too big" and out grew their first factory in mid 2016


The new Factory allowed Luke, Jenna and Team to fine tune Big Fish Aquarium.


Setting up a dedicated Tropical fish room, with a full range of Small to Large Tropical Community fish, African Cichlids, American Cichlids, Australian Natives, Discus and exotic fish from around the world.


Big Fish Aquarium has grown a lot from the beginning, now offering not only a huge range of freshwater fish and products, but also opening up a Saltwater section as well.


If you've never visited before or did when we were in the old shop, now is the perfect time to come down and say hi to Luke, Jenna, Georgia ("Little Fish") and their passionate team and see for yourself what all the 5 star reviews are about!


Meet Mikey the Freshwater Stingray, Daisy the Red Tail Giant Gourami, Simba the Lionfish and many many more weird fascinating exotic fish at Big Fish Aquarium.